Let's Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf Come Explore My Town!

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At an earlier time in the blog I had decided that I was going to catalog my play of Animal Crossing through a series called, “Houses and Leaves.”  At the time, I only had the ability to get screenshots by first posting them to Twitter and then downloading them on to my computer.  Things improved when I realized I could just get the images off my SD card from the Nintendo 3DS, however, I was still stuck with only being able to take pictures in-game and onto my SD card.

Fast forward to now, where I now have a set-up that allows me to stream the screens of my 3DS to my computer!  This is so much better and makes capturing the games so much easier and more fun.  It doesn’t have a perfect frame-rate, but it’s workable.  In honor of this new set-up I decided to erase my old town and start anew again, documenting my interactions with my town.  I’m not sure what kind of schedule I might set up for this, but it’s an interesting venture.

For each episode, I make a post on my blog featuring the video(s) that were captured.  Below is a list of the episodes so far:

  • Episode 1 – (In The Works)

More to come!

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