Computers! Hey-Oh

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Computers are magical and mysterious machines.  But, they don’t have to be.  These articles cover high level material concerning what a computer is and how one works.  These are inspired from the books I used to read when I was in elementary school.

  1. Computer, This Is User – An introduction to computers, what they’re made up of, and what they do.
  2. What Is A Computer? – Computers come in many shapes, but they all have things in common.
  3. The Computer Tongue – To make a computer do something, you have to speak an artificial language.
  4. Remembering Things With Computers – How does a computer remember what’s happening from one moment to the next?
  5. Doing Stuff With Computers – Could it get any more descriptive?

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photo credit: keys [Day 2100] via photopin (license)