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We’re never really sure exactly what my father believes when it comes to religion.  He may be an atheist, he may be spiritual, we’re not really sure.  And of course, like father, like son, I’m beginning to foster the same mystery.  We were driving to Captain and Maus’ supreme voice teacher on the southern side of the state when Captain pulled out my copy of The Seth Material by Jane Roberts in the backseat and pronounced, to paraphrase, “What the hell is this book?”  The cover touts material from the spiritual teacher who ‘launched the new age’.  (Although that’s not accurate, but all the same.)

You see, I’m an atheist.  In fact, for some time I used to be a militant atheist.  I wrote angry letters to celebrities and news outlets, petitioned against public statues, subscribed to the official magazine and actually carried a bona fide American Atheists card.

I calmed down a little since then, not necessarily in strict belief, but in passion.  I still believe in the separation of church and state, and I believe in religious freedom.  But, at the same time, I have better things to do for the enjoyment of my life than protest the ten commandments.  I just kinda, got over it.

That’s actually one of the ‘secrets’ of atheists the more religious will discredit.  True atheists don’t care what God you believe in, what you do, your faith, whether God does or doesn’t exist, or any of those things as long as you don’t make it the athiest’s problem.  You want to defend the traditional definition of marriage because this is a Christian nation, and I want to marry someone of the same sex?  Yes, then you have a problem.

The thing is, for the most part, Captain knows that, and Maus definitely knows it.  Maus is also an atheist.  We all believe in reason.

But over time, at the same time, I have found myself reflecting on the nature of personal experience.  I do not believe that reality doesn’t exist and that everything under the sun is relative because there is no omniscient perspective.  I believe in an objective reality, but I also am interested in the fact that we can only experience that objective reality through a subjective mechanism.  It’s like when I was in the hospital and they talked about this one woman, who had a doctorate.  She said she knew the TV didn’t really talk to her, but it did talk to her at the time.  What is ‘real’ in experience isn’t necessarily as black and white as inside and outside when it comes to subjective perspective.

When I was growing up Handyville up in the mountains, one of the books in my library at home was The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.  Jane Roberts is a gifted medium who produced a voluminous amount of material by channeling an incorporeal personality named Seth.  In fact, Seth actually wrote several books himself.  The thing about Jane Roberts is that there really isn’t anything political or personal you can say about her.  She didn’t really make claims, or take advantage of people by talking to their dead loved ones, or any of that.  That’s why I find her particularly fascinating.

Seth’s theories and books deals with psychic phenomena, interesting aspects of psychology, energy, reality construction, other dimensions, and reincarnation.  So… what am I doing reading them?

It’s not that I believe in hokey-pokey energies and voodoo (as I am apt to call them).  I don’t think they’re particularly part of objective reality overtly.  But, at the same time, there are things that you can accept as part of your own personal experience that make your your reality.

I would describe myself as a spiritual atheist.  I don’t believe there is a god.  I give zero thought and effort to the idea of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent entity that has some hand in my life.  But at the same time, I don’t discredit the idea of psychic energy, psychological powers, good vibes, the idea we construct our own reality, and so on.  So thus, we have a pseudo-religion called Spiritualism spearheaded in this instance by Jane Roberts and The Seth Material.

Without further ado, I’ll list the books I have (and am acquiring) that make up The Seth Material in whole, with links to posts where I review the book.  You can buy the books directly from Amazon by clicking on the image in the post as it will go through my affiliate account.

  1. The Seth Material – I believe the second book concerning spiritualism and ESP by Jane Roberts.  The Seth Material really kicked off the ‘Seth’ books.  In it she outlines the beginnings of the Seth experience and gives an overview over many of the main themes of the material.
  2. Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul – This is the first book Seth ‘wrote’ himself.  It speaks about life after death, and the power our consciousness holds as it constructs and develops our own inner and outer realities.
  3. The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know – Book two of the Seth series.  This book really starts to expand on the theory that we construct our own realities through the machinations of our own consciousness.  It lays out clear and compassionate ways that we can focus and alter our thinking to improve our lives
  4. The “Unknown” Reality, Volume 1 –
  5. The “Unknown” Reality, Volume 2 –
  6. The Nature of the Psyche: It’s Human Expression – The fifth book of the Seth series.  This book covers various elements of what makes up our psyches, including elements about gender and psychic gender as well as some historical information regarding the composition of our psyches.
  7. The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events – The sixth book in the Seth series.  This book covers the individuals relationship to mass events such as the weather, and notable events in history.  It not only covers Three Mile Island and the Jonestown Massacre, but also introduces the concepts of Framework 1 and Framework 2.
  8. The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living –
  9. Dreams, “Evolution”, and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1 –
  10. Dreams, “Evolution”, and Value Fulfillment, Volume 2 –
  11. The Way Toward Health –
  12. Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness –
  13. The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material –
  14. The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material –
  15. Emir’s Education in the Proper Use Of Magical Powers –
  16. The Oversoul Seven Trilogy –
  17. The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto –
  18. Fell’s ESP Power –
  19. Adventures In Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology –
  20. Conversations With Seth –
  21. Psychic Politics –
  22. If We Live Again (Or Public Magic, Private Love) –
  23. Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time –

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