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Photomats In Technicolor

I have to remind myself that a game doesn’t have to fit in a certain style. It astounds me sometimes the types of interactive experiences people are satisfied with and even hail. There are ‘games’ that I wouldn’t even consider ‘games’ that do quite well.


The Neverending Salad

I used to obsess over these kinds of movies when I was younger. I didn’t own any copies of my own, so much like Howard the Duck, Labyrinth, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and others, I had to wait until some circumstance in my life allowed me to see it again (it was usually called cable). I loved those movies.


Incompleteness Theory

So where does this leave the blog? Well, I hope to take the blog up again like I was doing before. It’s a positive influence in my life, and I think that I have interesting and fun things to share. It also helps exercise my brain because I have to remember things, write them down, organize graphics, and such. It also encourages me to do things, more things than just lay on the couch and feel bad, because writing about that obviously is a wonderful idea.


Passages Of Days

What’s worse is that I can’t wish I was someone else.  I used to wish I was someone else when things got like this, but then I dissociated really bad one time and learned what it was like to be someone else, and I vowed I’d never wish that again.


Winter Vacation

It’s a little frustrating sometimes when I look at the programs that don’t exist yet that I could potentially make a product and fill that gap and make money. But, they’re large and complex and it’s not that I get overwhelmed… I just kind of go, meh. I’m a lazy bastard!


Finished Art Final Fall 2015

I was supposed to steal a technique of the artist. In my analysis I discovered what I called “repetitive uniqueness.” It’s the idea that you have repeating elements, usually of a particular technique, but each one of those repetitions is unique in its own way.


Two Dish Recap

The thing about the sweet and sour chicken is that I thought it was going to be like asian sweet and sour. But it turns out to be more like barbecue sweet and sour. You know, those barbecue glazes that are less barbecue and more sweet. That’s what these were like, which was a little disappointing, but it was good none-the-less!


Company Hockey Time!

The one thing I wondered about was the goalies. They could make this T shape with their legs. There were blocks on their legs so that they’d form kind of like a snow-plow that would block the puck. I can’t imagine standing like that, I wonder if the equipment helps. For whatever reason, that stuck with me.


Christmas Therapy

Anytime I make a post like this, it’s kind of all over the place and confusing, so I apologize. That’s just how I’m feeling right now, and I wonder sometimes, that somebody might read this and recognize a similar situation.


State of the Project (Plus Pictures!)

So it’s time I take stock of all my projects and future plans. I have several projects all going at once, and I keep thinking of other things I can do. So many things! SO MANY THINGS! Why did I ever think it wasn’t worth it?


Medication Daydreams and Tight Chests

I had mah appointment with my Nurse Practitioner today.  My old Nurse, Carole, left, which is sadness.  In fact my favorite medication nurse from the half-way house just left yesterday too!  It’s a brave new world out there… (with rats, movies, and friends!)


Writing Prompts II

I don’t have any external obstacles to my writing. Is that a good thing, a blessing deserving gratitude? Or am I unable to build skyscrapers because I have too much land?


Where Is Everybody?

Another Nine Inch Nails I really like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an official music video. However, I was able to find the lyrics and the song on YouTube.


Writing Prompts

People have told me that my ideas are creative. They are unique, and things that I’ve made have character (images and fursuit). Most of my encouragement comes from my partner but it’s hard to listen to him because he’s close to me. It’s kind of like how a compliment from your Mom doesn’t really really count because she’s your Mom?


One Pic and Site at a Time

So, I get so excited about my website ideas that, like many of my other ideas, I forget to actually commit to one and grow it. But, no more! I do the same thing with story, game, art, etc. ideas. I get so excited about the next new idea or inspiration I’ve come up with that I just kind of leave whatever I was doing and I never accomplish anything, dammit!


Memoirs of a Housewife

So, Maus got a job! That leaves me at home to tend to the apartment and work on my own stuff. I was talking to my mother on the phone and she said, “You’ve become me!” Maybe I’ll fursuit Sunday.



I’ve taken two lorazepam and I feel better about things, but I’m still anxious. Maybe I should actually be anxious. I have this large art project, and when my mother called from Mexico on vacation she said, “You’re going to work on it first thing right? Right away right?” At the time I said, “Yes. Yes I will.” Well, no surprise or shock, I didn’t exactly do that. I got distracted and hung up on programming (though I now have centralized login with and then realize how much time had passed. Then I had to go to an opera, and we hung out quite a bit on Sunday (I went FURSUITING!)


Original Pursuits Society

Original Pursuits Society (OPS) is an organization dedicated to creativity. This site,, is now part of the Original Pursuits Society network, running on its server. It’d be interesting to see what we could do with this organization, but I’m focusing on developing some creative ideas to generate revenue. A newsletter would be kinda cool.


Holy Crap It’s Been A Long Time

I got out of the habit of writing in my blog because I had acute bronchitis. But I’m hoping to come back and share my experiences, thoughts, and creations with you. I’ve been doing a lot, artwork, fursuits, classes, and programming. Let’s get caught up!