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What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy was one of those subjects that you learned about on your own, apart from school.  It was a place where I could shoot ideas out into it and see where they go, no textbook, no teacher.  I probably drove my brother crazy with all my, often hare brained, ideas and beliefs.


Super Power NecoMimi Ears!

When I first built my short lived fursuit Larry the Lab Rat, I wanted to have moving ears.  So, I found this thing on the internet called NecoMimi ears.  They’re ears that move according to your brainwaves. They were incredible.  They operated by using a sensor on your temple and one hooked to your ear.  The ears would move depending on your mood.  Well, it kind of worked, either that or my brain is really jittery. However, it had some problems.  I had to embed the thing into my rat head.  Even though the head was close to my head it was difficult to get the device on.  For one, it was hard to access the batteries, for another we had to make sure the ears were clear.  However, I needed the batteries to be external to the head.  I couldn’t change the batteries while it was in my head, and it would be easier if I could connect batteries externally. My half-brother Ian suggested I extend the battery life of the device if I was going to put the batteries on the outside.  I discovered that if I add more batteries to the circuit, anywhere on the circuit, that would extend the life of the necomimi.