Clock Tower

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I’ve always been a fan of Clock Tower.  It’s just quirky!  But, my introduction to the game was through the PSX title that was released in North America.  However, that’s not the full story.  In 1995 a Super Famicom game was released in Japan title Clock Tower that actually started the entire series.  Unfortunately, this game was never released North America.  However, fortunately there are fan translation ROMs available.  I got my hand on one of these and did a Let’s Play series cataloging all the endings and everything.

The Clock Tower (1995) series of posts, covering the Super Famicom game, consists of four parts.  The first part is an overview of the game and includes the following introductory video (this is actually an embedded playlist for the entire game):

The second post is a review of all the characters you can find in the game, while the last two posts catalog all the Let’s Play videos for the standard “S” ending and all variations on this ending.

After that we move on to Clock Tower for the PSX, as it was released in North America.  Clock Tower, released in Japan as Clock Tower 2, is an adventure game developed by Human Entertainment, published by ASCII Entertainment, and released in 1996. It is the second game in the Clock Tower series as noted above. “The evil murderer lives…” as the game intro says.  The game takes place in Norway following the events of the SNES Clock Tower game.  Scissorman has seemingly “returned” and a new cast of characters must fight to survive.  “Who will make it through this game of murder alive?”

Here’s the intro to the PSX Clock Tower game (as I’ll refer to it, being in North America) (this is actually an embedded playlist for the entire game):

The first post is an overview of the game, which includes character bios and graphics.  The second post focuses on the arc of the game when you play as Jennifer Simpson, the original survivor.  You can also play as Helen Maxwell, who also gets her own story arc and endings as well, so that’ll be the third post.  The final post will outline some of the things you can do to get the alternate endings, and feature videos of the alternate endings with each character.

Next we move to Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within also for the original Playstation.  Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, released in Japan as Clock Tower Ghost Head, was also developed by Human Entertainment and released for the PlayStation in 1998.  This game’s kinda interesting because it doesn’t really follow the storyline or world of the first two Clock Towers.  I’m not really sure why it’s named Clock Tower other than it plays a LOT like the others, only, not as well.  We follow Alyssa Hale, a 17 year old female who suffers from some sort of multiple personality disorder.  She has an alter ego named Mr. Bates, whom the player must use to their advantage when advancing through the game.  I found this game to be disjointed, and the backtracking required near the end is extremely tedious.  But nevertheless I got all the endings and hints.  Here’s the intro to the game (this is actually an embedded playlist covering the entire game):

The first post is an overview of the game, which includes character bios and graphics, warning, it contains spoilers!  You have been warned!  Clock Tower 2, as I’ll call it, has about 13 different endings.  It’s possible to get all the endings in 2 play throughs with the appropriate saved game, but I didn’t do that.  I recorded quite a bit of “redundant” footage, so to speak, but I wanted to be as complete as I could in documenting the endings.  The second post deals with endings that transpire and end in chapter 1, “Yellow Cursed Doll”, which are endings I through M.  The third post deals with a particular ending that is unique to the others in terms of what you have to do, particularly with Michael, and illustrates ending G.  All the rest of the endings end in chapter 3, “The Fathers”, so I pick up there with for endings H, and A through F in the fourth post.

Stay tuned for Clock Tower 3!

In the meantime, here’s the growing YouTube playlist for the Let’s Plays of Clock Tower 3:

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