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Golden Girls Trivia!

Okay, question of the day – What is the address of the Golden Girl’s Miami home?


Friday Dinner – Chicken Alfredo

I thought that was pretty good for not making a really thick sauce before. It was really thick, the thickest I’ve ever made. Honestly, I felt like I could “anchor a boat with it” as Sophia would say in the Golden Girls.


Phabstractic: Singleton Trait Design Pattern

In software engineering, the singleton pattern is a design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object. This is useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actions across the system.


Thursday Dinner – Tilapia

Normally a sauce for something like this, at least in my experience, has a bunch of ingredients like spices, and so on. However, in the frugal nature of this book the sauce is very easy. It’s just a mixture of honey, rice vinegar, and dijon mustard. Easy to whisk together, and because of the thickness of the honey, easy to apply.


Golden Girls Trivia!

Okay, question of the day – Which Golden Girl said the following: “The time I was radioactive.”


Phabstractic: None Data Type

But what happens when you want to differentiate between false, 0, and null? Or in another context, what if you need a null value that is considered an object by the algorithm or language?


Life In The Amazon

So from now on I’m not a ‘comic book artist’, or a ‘writer’, or a ‘game designer’, or anything. I’m all of those things. That’s me! I am a computer programmer, philosopher, musician, writer, artist, game designer, cook, gamer, and inventor.


Wyoming Super Computer

I wish I could remember more about the computer, such as its statistics. Or even actually where it is, cause I kept no notes and forgot. If somebody knows what this place is or more about the supercomputer (link a link to its site) please comment below!


Hard To Get

I was put on a steroid, Prednisone, and I’m not really sure how that really works out. I was on a steroid earlier when I was having bronchitis issues and it seemed to wreak some havoc with my moods and anxiety. This time wasn’t too different.


This Is A Title

So, that’s life, coffee, drawing, writing, blogging, coughing, video gaming, tv show watching, and borderlining. I’m going to try to do more cooking and fursuiting. Gosh, my life is so hard.


On Being Different

So… To write!  To draw!  To design!

I think.

Who knows.


Feeling Myself

Ah well, so goes on life. Well, that’s about it for now. A lot of stuff going on, and it’s difficult, but manageable, and terribly exciting.

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Here I sit, so cliche, wonderin’ what the hell to do.  Maybe I should go into a bathroom stall and write in loose-leaf notebooks.  I feel like I want to cry, that it would...


Drifting Around

I don’t understand people who wear their mental illness as a badge of some form of weird pride. I mean, I understand feeling different, and being intelligent, and seeing and experiencing things the average person doesn’t necessarily experience. I get very frustrated with my disorder sometimes because I think it gets in my way.


Additional Dialogue Recording

I just don’t generally think of my life or my experiences of it as necessarily that unusual or special, mainly because I don’t have a tendency to necessarily think I’m that special.  It’s not that I don’t value myself, as I’ve been getting much better about that through reading Seth.  It’s just that I don’t really place myself ‘above’ or in a position as ‘different’ than other people in my mind.  I just think we’re all human, and we’re all different.


Beautiful Remastered

I also consider this post a bit of a reboot, to fit in line with the remaster, in that I’m wiping the slate clean with what I haven’t posted.  This means I won’t feel like I have a giant back log of stuff that I have to get to the screen.  What’s ‘lost’ is lost, but I can move forward with more great amazing things!


There Are So Many Things

Beliefs are well and good, and truthfully, everyone should believe good things. There is an objective good and evil, there are objective values, and there are virtuous elements of our lives that deserve reward.