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Totoro Yoga Rolls

Maus and I went to Barnes and Noble for a sale, and I got a new keychain. However, My Neighbor Totoro trinkets were calling to me, but alas I did not buy any. I did however buy a present for Captain which was neat. Why is there yoga in old town, why am I at Starbucks, and what do these antennae do on this Caterpillar Roll?


Borderline Pursuits

My ideas are worth something. I want to do some tutorials on electricity and programming, partially because I want to build an augmented reality system for myself (and potential future fursuits). I also want to make a new fursuit, this time of myself. In terms of programming, I though it’d be kind of cool if I could make some kind of game engine editor thing, even if it was only for me and Maus to use. Another thing I thought would be interesting to build is an AI/Robot thing.  I always dream of creating a furry robot that could be my friend. What do you think?


Foods and Christmas Parties

So what did we do? Well, what any self-respecting Asher would do. We watched soft-core porn!


Tomodachi Happiness Episode 1

Well, today Ninja and me went out for a cup of coffee and some cheesecake. How do I know it’s cheesecake? ‘Cause it’s me! I like hanging out with Ninja IRL, so I think I particularly like hanging out with Ninja in Chrakia too. Ninja had some interesting things to say…


Congratulations KadarMan!

Well, looks like Tomodachi life is up to some shenanigans. First there is the mysterious man on the roller coaster. There IS a new resident that was submitted. Some dreams and partying are going on, but there’s some BIG news! What could it be?


Action-Packed Stairwell

Weird. Anyways, the stair well smelled like a combination of liquor and smoke, with a dash of rancid. I loved it! This stairwell made my whole week, it was awesome.