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Worth The Effort

Tonight we’re going to an office party for Maus’ work for the holidays. Looks like I may have to be hanging up my hat at the moment and getting ready for that. I just thought I’d stop in here for a moment and share my thoughts.


Additional Dialogue Recording

I just don’t generally think of my life or my experiences of it as necessarily that unusual or special, mainly because I don’t have a tendency to necessarily think I’m that special.  It’s not that I don’t value myself, as I’ve been getting much better about that through reading Seth.  It’s just that I don’t really place myself ‘above’ or in a position as ‘different’ than other people in my mind.  I just think we’re all human, and we’re all different.


Where Is Everybody?

Another Nine Inch Nails I really like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an official music video. However, I was able to find the lyrics and the song on YouTube.


Lots of News

Oh my gosh, so many things have happened! I finished a book called Grain Brain… Quite an interesting read. In fact, it was so interesting Maus and I are on a new diet! In other news, I’m MARRIED! Also I stopped doing WordPress debugging a couple of months ago. What to do?