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Another Day, Another Coffee

One time Maus found this graphic and posted it on Facebook. It said generally, “I don’t really plan my days in advance. It’s just coffee and strangeness my friend, coffee and strangeness.” He said this was my line, and he was so right. My days are filled with coffee and strangeness. I forget how strange my life is sometimes, because I regard a lot of ‘strange’ things as normal. I don’t think I’m really that strange, I think I’m pretty run of the mill, but Maus points out that I don’t get out often.



Identity is a funny thing. What exactly is an identity? Is it your personality? Is it how you look? Is it who you think you are, or is it who everything thinks you are?


Dead in the Water

Nothing ever seems to lead anywhere. I lay on the couch every night, anxious, trying to think how I can use my strengths to change my life. And I come up with nothing. Am I afraid of failure? Am I afraid of success? I don’t feel like I’m afraid of anything. The more I think about it, I don’t think I feel anything at all.


Original Pursuits Society

The organization is named the Original Pursuits Society. You can find much more basic information at that link. It is very small and just beginning, and I’m hoping we can find some creative individuals who are interested in such a thing to help us start it growing.


What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m myself, sometimes I think I’m someone else. Maybe this blog is abandoned… maybe it isn’t?


Passive Income

I proposed to Maus that we try to do something simpler than we’ve ever done first. I suggested we make a basic visual novel. Just a choose your own adventure style game with music, text, and graphics. Maus was like, “That’s so boring!” but I was like, “No, really, you want to prove we can make something, then let’s make something!” So, Maus and I are going to start working on our first visual novel. We’ll see how that goes.