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Friday Dinner – Chicken Alfredo

I thought that was pretty good for not making a really thick sauce before. It was really thick, the thickest I’ve ever made. Honestly, I felt like I could “anchor a boat with it” as Sophia would say in the Golden Girls.


Thursday Dinner – Tilapia

Normally a sauce for something like this, at least in my experience, has a bunch of ingredients like spices, and so on. However, in the frugal nature of this book the sauce is very easy. It’s just a mixture of honey, rice vinegar, and dijon mustard. Easy to whisk together, and because of the thickness of the honey, easy to apply.


Dishes For The Week

I realize that food is food, and that I don’t need recipes to have dinner. Just throw some vegetables, fruit, and meat together and you’ve got dinner, nothing fancy. Well, Maus and I really like recipes. It orders the food making process and I don’t have to keep so many things in my head all the time. Plus, they’re tasty!