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Programming in C: Program Operators and Order of Operations

This article is a continuation on expressions that can be constructed in the C language.  This article will focus on expressions involving operators.  If you remember, expressions are pieces of code that are executed right away to yield some kind of result, as opposed to a statement which may affect an entire program’s structure.


Programming in C: Enumerations, Bit-Fields, and Unions

Enumerations allow us to specify identifiers for integer values without having to specify a long list of global variables or constants. We also covered unions, which are a bit more esoteric, but useful anyway. Sometimes we need to access an array of long ints as individual char bytes, with a union you can do that!  Lastly, we rounded-up with bit-fields: a C programming built-in that allows us to identify and work with specific bits by name.


Programming in C: Structures

Structures are ways to encapsulate related data, presumably, under one data type.  This allows us to organize data that is related to each other into one place.  Otherwise, all of our data would have to exist in separate variables, and as we programmed we’d have to remember how it call connected ourselves.  This is truly prone to drastic error, and memory wise is convoluted.