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Isaac Homebrew at New West Fest 2017

Isaac goes out during New West Fest and meets a robot and a kind old lady. A video and gallery are posted up. Now, last time I wrote that I met another fursuiter out when we were out there.  This time Isaac was all alone, which was nice.  I like to be the only suiter around, but hey, what can you do.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed Isaac Homebrew’s latest outing, I’m looking forward to more!


The Peach Festival

Today I went to the Peach Festival in Fort Collins. I saw a robotics booth there! It was awesome. In other news, I started drawing again in preparation for my Advanced Drawing Class (Drawing II).



I may have more later today, but Halloween is in full swing today starting with the tots downtown. Here’s a few shots: And Starbucks: But the cutest of all is the featured photo:


If He’s Bothering You

So I worked at Starbucks today, trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Need a little coffee assistance. Anyways Roger was there, he’s okay to talk to though he seemed a little...