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Memory Map of an Imperative Program on Most Processors

This isn’t THEE only memory map of every program everywhere, but it is generally the memory map for most programs most average programmers create, being imperative.  In programming languages like assembly or C, you work with this map pretty directly, but in more abstract or higher-level languages such as Python or PHP, many of these memory issues and placements are taken care of for you by the interpreter or compiler.


Interpretation Versus Compilation

You will find some individuals who consider whether a language is usually interpreted or compiled split languages into these categories.  However, the truth of the matter is quite the opposite.  Whether a language is compiled or interpreted is actually an independent choice from the nature of the language itself.  Any language can be interpreted by what is known as an interpreter, or compiled by what is known as a compiler.


Book Review: Writing Compilers And Interpreters

I came across this book in the Colorado State University library, one of my favorite places, and was intrigued.  I was intrigued because it seemed that instead of relying on esoteric computational equations and such, talking about optimization, O notations, and such, this book instead took the approach of diving directly into straight implementation of a compiler and interpreter.