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What Can I Say?

However, with no one around, I’ve found very little reason to really do anything.


Feeling Myself

Ah well, so goes on life. Well, that’s about it for now. A lot of stuff going on, and it’s difficult, but manageable, and terribly exciting.


Beautiful Remastered

I also consider this post a bit of a reboot, to fit in line with the remaster, in that I’m wiping the slate clean with what I haven’t posted.  This means I won’t feel like I have a giant back log of stuff that I have to get to the screen.  What’s ‘lost’ is lost, but I can move forward with more great amazing things!


Winter Vacation

It’s a little frustrating sometimes when I look at the programs that don’t exist yet that I could potentially make a product and fill that gap and make money. But, they’re large and complex and it’s not that I get overwhelmed… I just kind of go, meh. I’m a lazy bastard!



I’ve taken two lorazepam and I feel better about things, but I’m still anxious. Maybe I should actually be anxious. I have this large art project, and when my mother called from Mexico on vacation she said, “You’re going to work on it first thing right? Right away right?” At the time I said, “Yes. Yes I will.” Well, no surprise or shock, I didn’t exactly do that. I got distracted and hung up on programming (though I now have centralized login with originalpursuitssoc.com) and then realize how much time had passed. Then I had to go to an opera, and we hung out quite a bit on Sunday (I went FURSUITING!)