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Medication Daydreams and Tight Chests

I had mah appointment with my Nurse Practitioner today.  My old Nurse, Carole, left, which is sadness.  In fact my favorite medication nurse from the half-way house just left yesterday too!  It’s a brave new world out there… (with rats, movies, and friends!)


Chi-Raq! Modern Lysistrata

There’s a new movie coming out by Spike Lee. If you’re a fan of Greek literature, you’ll remember Lysistrata. It’s a great play by Aristophanes about women who stop an ongoing war by withholding (or refusing if you will) sex from their significant others. Ever wonder what would happen if that were to go down today?


Pictures Of My Recent Life

I had a piece of art hang in a community gallery, and I went to see Tomorrowland with my friend Rhiannon. Sometimes, as well, I wonder what I’m doing with my life.