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Second Life: My New Avatar

So, as part of trying to start getting Original Pursuits Society off the ground we set up a new headquarters in Second Life. At the same time my avatar, that is the 3D model that represents you in the virtual world, needed an upgrade. Maus, the other cofounder, decided he’d pitch in a bit and help me ’cause I told him how his avatar always looks so good. Well, he didn’t disappoint!


Ars Habitualia

But I’m thinking, if I can use this as an umbrella, much like I did sometimes when I was running TCO, there can be a definite goal, a definite purpose, a definite end game or plan. Then I’ll know it’ll be okay to plan meals, do laundry, write, focus, play a video game.


Original Pursuits Society

Original Pursuits Society (OPS) is an organization dedicated to creativity. This site, wunk.me, is now part of the Original Pursuits Society network, running on its server. It’d be interesting to see what we could do with this organization, but I’m focusing on developing some creative ideas to generate revenue. A newsletter would be kinda cool.