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Medication Daydreams and Tight Chests

I had mah appointment with my Nurse Practitioner today.  My old Nurse, Carole, left, which is sadness.  In fact my favorite medication nurse from the half-way house just left yesterday too!  It’s a brave new world out there… (with rats, movies, and friends!)


My Beautiful Rats

These are my beautiful rats, Ratchet and Clank. They’re both kind of fat because they don’t get enough exercise. I’m actually allergic to rats, but I love having them. I’ve always tried having rats, but until now it hasn’t always worked out. But, I’m doing a good job with these guys. I got them when they were just weened, and they love me and Maus as their parents. I guess this is my version of a little gay dog heehee.



I have problems with too much focus. Sometimes obsessively. I also have strange rats, and I’ve kicked a coffee habit. Oh yeah, check out this website I made.



Pictures of my rats, Ratchet and Clank!