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Pokémon GO Round Up 13

I finally was able to walk around my home town for a while today and explore the new lands of Pokémon. Turns out they finally got Starbucks on the map (yes!) and there’s a Pokémon GO Starbucks frappucino which consists of raspberry and blackberry (so delicious!)


Pokémon GO Round-Up 3

I actually tried powering up a pokémon, this time it was Raticate. I haven’t really been doing anything particularly special for my Pokémon. Just collecting what I can and give them back to Professor. Eventually I do want to get enough experience, candy, stardust, and combat points to conquer the local gym on the corner.


Pokémon GO Round-Up 2

Today I took an alternative route and walked down to Oak and then back to the apartment. I have to remember to check for locations on the map so I can get items and at least 50 xp. I’m at level 5, Maus is at level 10, gotta catch up!


Pokémon GO Round-Up

I actually have pitched multiple game ideas to Maus that involved walking around and using the GPS to collect and interact with monsters. My latest incarnation didn’t put as much emphasis on going to specific locations as it did on walking long distances. So once again, much of the ideas I spouted at Maus have been put into effect. I tell the future like this quite a bit, it’s somewhat frustrating.