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Simple Quest Episode 1: Him Here’ye’s House Cont.

My plan for the game in the long term is to create an episode focused on Him’s family home, and some of the surrounding area. This will be Episode 1 as was mentioned in the previous article. I have to put together some of Him’s personality, and the rest of his family. I’m hoping to post some character portraits in the next article, but I can’t promise anything.


Simple Quest Episode 1: Him Here’ye’s House

Him Here’ye needs a place to live right? Well, here’s his childhood home! (Pretty easy, since he’s eight). What adventures will he have in his familiar surroundings?


State of the Project (Plus Pictures!)

So it’s time I take stock of all my projects and future plans. I have several projects all going at once, and I keep thinking of other things I can do. So many things! SO MANY THINGS! Why did I ever think it wasn’t worth it?


Where Is Everybody?

Another Nine Inch Nails I really like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an official music video. However, I was able to find the lyrics and the song on YouTube.