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Happy New Year 2018!

Asher talks about his year and all the good, and a few bad, things that happened in it, as well as going into detail about what he did for New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. There were fireworks in Old Town, which Asher caught on video, and what’s a January 1st without a Golden Girls Viewing Party!


What Is Linguistics: An Introduction

Linguistics is a deep field, and not necessarily an always well documented.  I’m looking forward to delving into further details of the study of linguistics particularly as it pertains to artificial language construction and artificial intelligence.  I hope this article was helpful in maybe clearing up or helping focus what linguistics means today, and that you found it useful.


Borderline Pursuits

My ideas are worth something. I want to do some tutorials on electricity and programming, partially because I want to build an augmented reality system for myself (and potential future fursuits). I also want to make a new fursuit, this time of myself. In terms of programming, I though it’d be kind of cool if I could make some kind of game engine editor thing, even if it was only for me and Maus to use. Another thing I thought would be interesting to build is an AI/Robot thing.  I always dream of creating a furry robot that could be my friend. What do you think?


HTTP Explained: The HyperText Transfer Protocol, Part 1

We’ve covered the basic concepts of HTTP and the types of information that it deals with. We dealt with the parts of an HTTP request on a high level, all the different request types, and some of the other basic features and ideas of the HTTP (protocol).


Anatomy of a URI (What is a URL, URN, etc.?)

With URIs we can reference and locate just about everything we need to on the internet, from books, videos, sites, and games. Without URIs we’d still be stuck in specific clunky ways to access specific things using specific clients and methods, instructions which I followed in many a book before URIs became a big thing. Now, it’s simple: https://archive.wunk.me/


Setting Up A Local GitHub Hosted PHP Project on OS X

It’s not too hard to set up a basic command line PHP coding environment using github, composer, and phpunit.  This tutorial covered how to set up the development environment if you’re using php purely from the command line.  This tutorial did not cover *AMP installations.