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I’m A Worrier, That’s What I Do

Asher talks about the last several weeks, discussing all the manga he’s read, the art piece he finished from Art Therapy, his new found friend, Gorehound’s Playground viewings, Christmas trees, Seth Material, and possible future employment. All in all, a very Asher time.


Tree Top Ceilings

At one point I wasn’t sure what was holding up the deal, but then I learned from Maus that he wanted colored lights. I said, “You mean, all this time you’ve been looking for colored lights? That’s what the deal has been?” And he’s like, “Well, yeah.” Once I understood the problem, we quickly acquired a pretty nice tree with colored lights. You know how it goes.


State of the Project (Plus Pictures!)

So it’s time I take stock of all my projects and future plans. I have several projects all going at once, and I keep thinking of other things I can do. So many things! SO MANY THINGS! Why did I ever think it wasn’t worth it?